Losing your valuable data or information can be catastrophic. Making a daily backup might not be enough. Essentially your data still ends up being transferred to a hard disk drive or another storage media, which could potentially fail due to numerous circumstances. However thanks to the technologies available today, data loss no longer has to be permanent.

we offers professional data recovery services for damaged or corrupted external hard drives of all types, makes and models. Our external hard drive recovery engineers  can get your data back when other companies fail -- and if we can't, you won't pay.

We can recover your data when:

Disk Reformatting/Accidental
Mechanical Hard Drive Failures
Head Crash Causing Platter Damage
Deleted Files and Partitions
Blue Screen Of Death
Physical Damage From Fire or Flood
Software Corruption
HDD is not detected in BIOS
HDD is detected by vendor's name
HDD is detected by 0 Gb capacity(WD USB3.0 HDD)
Service modules are corrupted
Translation system is damaged
Logs overflow
Multiple BAD-sectors
Some heads are damaged
"Knocking sound"
Spindle is not rotated
PCB is damaged
HDD has problems with PCB and HDA compatibility
HDD locked passwords

SMART, logs overflow

We specialized in some brands including:

Western Digital external hard drive
Seagate external hard drive
Toshiba external hard drive
Samsung external hard drive
Buffalo external hard drive
SanDisk external hard drive
and more.