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Ransomware attacks are a growing problem for computer users and server administrators. For years, we have recovered data for ransomware victims, but recently, we are getting a lot of calls about ramsomware. We think the threat will grow in the future, which is why Datarecovery-china.com now offers specialized services for ransomware recovery and decryption.

Data Decryption 

– We can determine whether a decryption key exists for your ransomware infection or if one can be created. If decryption is feasible, we can perform the process safely, returning your systems to a functional state.

Ransom Management

 –––– As a last resort, if you are forced to pay the ransom by yourself, there are two risks, one risk The hacker will charge more bitcoin from you . Another one risk most people who paid do not get back the data as the main purpose of these perpetrators are just interested in your money and not recovering your data. My client told me that the hacker sent decryption tool and decrytor, but it has bug when data is decrypting , some database can’t be decrypted completely , the hacker did’t reply again.

––––Paying the ransom is always a last resort, but we leave it open as an option because our goal is to restore your files under any circumstances. As every case is different, we cannot guarantee that a decryption method exists for your case without performing an evaluation.

But immediately paying the ransomware creator is not a safe or effective option. However, in many cases, ransomware encryption is unbreakable.

If your computer is infected with ransomware, but we can help you obtain bitcoin and manage the process without providing the malware creator with your personal information.

We are cooperating with agent of hacker in China. If you want to recover data and will to pay us , let us help you .

Recently , following 3 viruses are very alive.

1、Gandcrab Virus  

  Around 3000us$ for decrypting data. 

Virus version:GANDCRAB V5.0.4 GANDCRAB V5.1 GANDCRAB V5.2
Appended file extensionsreadme.txt.pfdjjafw

.java, .cesar, .cezar, .wallet, .zzzzz, .dharma, .arrow, .write, .onion, .arrow, .bip, .combo; .brrr; .gamma; .bkp, .like, .gdb, .xxxxx, .AUF, .USA, .xwx, .best, .heets, .adobe, .btc, .qwex, .eth, .air, .888, .amber, .frend, .KARLS, .aqva, .aye, .korea, .plomb, .NWA, .azero, .bk66, .stun, .monro, .funny, .vanss, .betta, .waifu, .bgtx, .adobe, .tron

Ransom's email address

dedcrypthelp@qq.com, files.restore@aol.com, beamsell@qq.com, guardBTC@cock.li, blammo@cock.li,

§  bitcoin888@cock.li,files.restore@aol.com,1778357646@gg.com,decrypthelp@qq.com,sm@uwmanage.com,

§  amber777king@cock.li,dr.crypt@aol.com, aq811@tutanova.com,plombiren@hotmail.com, bfiles2@cock.li,


§  help@decrypt-files.info,syndicateXXX@aol.com, bestdecoding@cock.li, usacode@aol.com, data@decoding.biz,

unblock@badfail.info, anticrypt@countermail.com,sebekgrime@tutanota.com,crypted_files@qq.com, master777@tutanota.com

§   payadobe@yahoo.com,data_recovery_2019@aol.com,sqlbackup2@mail.fr,berserk666@tutanota.com, cryptor55@cock.li,

§ 2、GlobeImposter 3.0 virus

Feature example:<original file>.XXXX4444

.China4444 .Help4444 .Rat4444 .Ox4444 .Tiger4444 .Rabbit4444
Around 10000$(2 bitcoin) for decrypting data.

3、Globelmposterb 5.0 virus

Feature example:ReadMe.txt.{Benjamin_Jack2811@aol.com}AOL





Around 3000$ for decrypting data.


Feature example:readme.txt.ID-16E86DC7.[writehere@qq.com].btc


Around 3000$ for decrypting data.

Call us at +8613764461998(whatsapp) and ask to speak with a ransomware recovery specialist.


Please send 2 sample encrypted files (such as .pdf .doc or .xls) plus the ransomware note (the note contains the information about your ransomware details) for evaluation.

5、Phobos virus 

Feature example:[grunresrife1985@aol.com].phobos


Feature example: readme.txt.id16e86dc7[unlock@cock.li].x3m

7、PRCP Virus


9、ITLOCK virus

10、Sherhagdomski virus