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With years of experience in the data recovery field and qualified technicians working around the clock, we have technical expertise to handle complex Hard Drive, External Hard Drive, MAC, RAID data recovery. With our transparent pricing (we are acutally one of few data recovery companies public our prices online),you will never worry about being over charged.

Note: 1.our prices included shipping fees. 2.Hard drivers not open. 3.We offer fixed prices  in any currency (taxes included) for any type of data recovery for any type of support (even RAID).

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Our certified data recovery team specializes in hard drive data recovery, no matter your hard drive is mechanical damage or the data has become corrupted and needs a logical recovery. Data recovery China  offers professional data recovery services for damaged or corrupted external hard drive of all types, makes and models.We are Asia's largest data recovery company. 
Data recovery China is a professional data recovery company that provides affordable, efficient data recovery services to individuals and businesses. If your hard drive or other media device has failed and you are not able to access your files, you can trust our team of experienced data recovery specialists to help you retrieve the data you need.We offer fixed prices,Our data recovery process will not be important for the information and let the customer overpayments ,Some data recovery companies are based on the importance of data to charge , so unfair!
Data recovery China is equipped to provide services to recover data lost due to any and all circumstances. Sometimes data is lost due to as simple a cause as accidental deletion of files. At other times a serious physical malady may have occurred to your hardware. Regardless of whether your problem is small or immense our Shanghai service center is ready to offer technical skills and expertise for Data Recovery from Hard Drives, Data Recovery from RAID Servers, Recovery from Laptop Computer drives, simple file recovery such as is needed to recover lost emails or complex data recovery such as is required to find and restore partitions is a Windows file system.