Hard drive model: Western Digital MyPassport external hard drive- 1TB (WD1000BMVW-11AMCS4)
Customer reported symptoms: WD My Passport external hard drive is detected by 0 Gb capacity,but working sound is fine.
Data Requested: documents and photos

Assessment: Judging by our experience , one of heads was broken.
That's a flaw in WD company's design to WD USB3.0 drive. if customer or other data recovery companies try to recover data by software, that will cause a lots bad sectors,even platter will be scratched, so should power it off and contact us.
Issue Determined: head damaged
Data Recovery Process: Our engineers firstly need to change USB to SATA,. The 2nd step is to read origina ROM informationand write it into SATA PCB, The thrid step is to use pc3000 to Split heads to recover partial data, last step is to repace head to recover data from platter with broken head.

Result: all data requested on the drive has been recovered, To WD USB interface model , though have design flaw, but it is not easy to be scratched , so almost cases can be recovered
Cost: $350
Turnaround: 2 days