Hard drive model: Seagate ST3500413AS 500GB

Customer reported symptoms: It worked yesterday but now it does not even spin, can not be detected in BIOS, no sound at all. there was an electrical surge last night at my comany.
Data Requested: everything

Initial Assessment: Connected the hard drive to computer, found it does not spin and no power going through.
over 95%, when hard drive does not sping when plugging into computer, it indicates that the PCB does not work.
Second Assessment:Remove the PCB off hard drive, and found that one of chips on board was burnt out (see the photo above).
Issue Determined: PCB is damaged
Data Recovery Process: A donor (model matached) PCB is needed for this hard drive. 1. Located the donor (compatible) PCB in our own part inventory; 2. ROM swapped (transfer the ROM chip from the damaged PCB (original board) to the donor board); 3. the next step is to modify the firmware to ensure that the new board works with the hard drive. We have fixed this type of problem at LEAST 100 times in the past 12 months and we are the best at what we do in China. 4. After the above 3 steps, the hard drive works again, hence the final step is to copy off all data for the client.
This is not as simple as it sounds, as each hard disk may go through many revisions during its life-cycle, and a revision specific printed circuit board must be held in our parts inventory, or available from our suppliers.

Result: all data on the drive has been recovered.
Cost: $150
Turnaround: 1day